A faulty electrical system in the home can lead to a dangerous house fire, but fortunately there are signs that can alert homeowners that there’s trouble with the wiring. Below you’ll learn what to watch out for and if you discover any of these signs, contact a qualified Perth Rewiring Electrician as soon as possible. A certified electrician can professionally rewire the electrical system in your home so that it’s safe for you and your family.

burning wires

Seeing Charred Electrical Outlets

Homeowners who notice a charred or burnt residue on an electrical outlet shouldn’t waste any time calling an electrician. When an electrical outlet is blackened or scorched, it’s often caused when a loose wire arcs, produces a spark and causes the plastic outlet cover to burn. Homeowners should not use the charred outlet until a qualified electrician inspects and repairs the electrical system in the home. For safety reasons, homeowners must turn off the circuit breaker that controls the burned outlet to keep the house from catching on fire. In some cases, smoke can also escape from the electrical outlet when it burns, which is another cause for concern.

Smelling A Burnt Odor

When the electrical wiring in a home is faulty or the circuits are overloaded, the wires can short out and this can cause the wires to burn. Even if the outlet cover isn’t affected, the burning wires can produce a burnt odor that exits through the outlet cover. If there’s a burning smell around the outlet, but the outlet cover appears normal, the short is often located further inside of the wall. In addition to the burnt smell, the outlet cover may feel hot or warm to the touch because it’s overheating. A popping noise near the outlet is also an indication that there’s an electrical issue in the home and homeowners should notify a Perth Rewiring Electrician.

Living In An Older Home

Homeowners who live in a house that was built more than 30 years ago should have the electrical wiring system inspected and rewired if necessary. If the original wiring is still in the house, it’s in the best interest of the homeowner to contact an electrician for a House Rewiring in Perth. Modern appliances and electronics that are commonly used in households today use considerably more electricity than they did several years ago. The older wiring systems in homes often fail to keep up with the high demands of electric usage today and this causes a strain on the electrical system. If the wiring cannot keep up with the overloaded electrical system it can cause the electrical wires to get too hot and this often leads to a fire. If the circuit breaker trips and shuts off quite frequently, it can’t handle the electrical load.

Homeowners who notice any of the signs listed above should contact a qualified electrician to inspect the entire wiring system in the home. It’s also a good practice to have an electrician inspect the wiring system in a home every few years, even though none of the signs are noticeable. For Perth House Rewiring, Call Drewe at Lion Electrical Today – your Perth rewiring Electrician.