Whether a Perth homeowner is looking to renovate their home, or they are simply making small improvements to it, anything having to do with the electrical system should always be taken care of by a licensed electrician. There are many reasons why this is the case, some practical and some legal. However, there are homeowners that would like to save as much money as possible, and often try to tackle electrical issues on their own. While this is appealing to many people, doing residential electrical installations without the services of a professional is something that isn’t recommended.

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From a safety standpoint, trying to handle electrical issues without the services of a professional could be disastrous. There are very real dangers in a homeowner tackling electrical issues on their own. A simple mistake can cause a person to become electrocuted, which can lead to minor to significant injuries. There’s also the possibility that a person can kill themselves because of a simple mistake while doing electrical work.

Residential Electrical Installations – Avoid Injury

In addition to personal injury, doing electrical work without the experience brought to the table by a licensed electrician can cause a great deal of harm to a home. Poor quality work can damage the entire electrical system. In many cases, sub-par work can create a significant fire risk that can completely destroy the home, and could hurt or even kill the people that live inside of it.

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Ensure You Are Legally Safeguarded

From a legal standpoint, any electrical work that needs to be done, even something as simple as replacing a light switch, requires the services of a licensed electrician. If the do-it-yourself electrical work is inspected by local authorities, not only can they uncover certain inadequacies, a homeowner can be significantly fined for doing the work on their own. The fines could range anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000, if somebody was hurt due to unlicensed electrical work. For corporations, fines can be anywhere from $200,000 to upwards of a million dollars.

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For that reason, you’re better off having the work done by a licensed Electrician in Perth. Whether you need extensive wiring for new appliances in your kitchen, you want to upgrade the lighting inside of your home, or you need power point installation in and around your house, Perth Residential Electrical Installations provided by a company like Lion Electrical is your best option. Drewe is a┬álicensed electrician that can do the work under all building and renovation codes, and most importantly, the work will be done properly and safely to avoid any potential hazards afterward.



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