Having RCD Safety Switches installed is important for making¬†a Business or home safe. It’s a necessary piece of safety equipment that every Perth home and business should have.

What is an RDC Switch?

For those who are not quite sure about what one of these switches are, they’re a safety device. Should there be an electrical fault, the switch will automatically turn off the electrical power. These switches are designed to help prevent fires, and accidental electrocution. With such an important job to perform, it’s easy to see why RCD Testing Requirements are so important.

Regulations for RCD Testing

Businesses have strict testing requirements, and regulations. The actual testing depends on the business type. The requirements can vary and may be every six months, or yearly. Inspections must be done by a qualified individual. The person who does the inspection will have to sign their name to show they inspected it.

Testing Procedure

If faulty equipment is detected it must be recorded and labeled. If the RCD is damaged, and it’s determined that it is a danger, and could cause injury or fire it must immediately be tagged “out of service”. It cannot be brought back into service until someone who is skilled in testing determines that it can be repaired. If it can’t be repaired, it must be taken out of service permanently. If it can be repaired, it must be done as soon as possible, so that it’s back up and running and providing the needed protection that it gives.

During testing a variety of tests will be performed. Among them, the circuits associated with the RCD will be notated. The door will be inspected to ensure that it closes correctly, and that the weather seal is intact. A push button test will be performed, and each result will be documented. Copies of these documents must be kept by the person who performed the inspection, and by the company.

RCD Testing For Perth Businesses and Homes

A business is not alone in their need to ensure that their safety switch is working properly. Residential homeowners should also make it a point to have their RCD tested as well. It’s important to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing this important piece of equipment is working properly. This is not something that one should take a chance with. When it comes to RCD installations Perth residents should use a qualified, and competent professional to not only install the device, but to regularly inspect it as well. Set up a yearly, or biyearly testing schedule. Hold on to the records, and keep them in a safe place.

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Whether for business or homes, follow guidelines in place to ensure to that your RCD switches are working correctly. This item can mean the difference between a minor inconvenience, and a fire. Even more importantly, it can protect the occupants of the building from electrocution. When one takes the time to think about the tragedy that can occur, the time and cost of having an inspection done is actually quite minimal. Be sure inspections are done by a qualified individual, keep good records on inspections, and findings. Repair or replace any switch that is found to be defective as soon as possible. Contact Lion Electrical WA today for the Supply, Installation and Testing of RCD Safety Switches today.