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RCD (Residual Current Device) safety switches are designed to save lives. Every Perth Home and Business should have RCD safety switches installed. If you need your RCD safety switches tested or installed contact Drewe at Lion Electrical WA today.

Electrical issues can cause fires or electrocute a person when they try to plug in an appliance or device in their home. To protect the home from electrical failures and ensure the electricity in the home is working correctly and safely, homes are required to have at least two RCDs installed if they were built after 1991, but should be installed in every home to protect the homeowner. Homeowners may also want to install additional RCDs in their home or have portable options they can use to remain safe.

What is an RCD?

RCDs are Electrical Safety Switches that can be installed in the home or used as a portable device to protect the homeowner from electrical issues. They detect any irregularities within the electrical currents through the home and shut off the electricity if there is anything noticed that could cause issues. This helps minimize injuries that could include mild to severe shocks, burns, heart failure or even death because of any contact with a faulty appliance or outlet.

How Does it Work?

An electrical current moves through the home at all times, powering the outlets and the appliances or devices plugged into them. If anything interrupts this current, the RCD will immediately shut off the power to protect against electrical shock. They’re meant to protect harm to a person and can detect when the current leaves the outlet and enters the person’s body. When it is working correctly, the RCD can shut off in as little as .3 seconds to prevent injuries.

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What Are the Different Types of RCDs?

There are typically three different RCDs, switchboard switches, power point switches, and portable switches.

  • Switchboard Switches – There must be at least two of these installed in a home, but these switches should be installed for each electrical circuit in the home. When done like this, one circuit shutting off doesn’t mean the electricity in the remainder of the home will shut off.
  • Power Point Switches – These are power points with safety switches installed and can replace traditional power points to maximize protection and ensure the electricity shuts off immediately if there is an issue at that outlet. These are often seen in areas that are near water, like a bathroom, for additional protection.
  • Portable Switches – These switches are not installed in the home and can be used indoors or outdoors with any outlets that don’t already have another RCD installed in it. This protects the homeowner no matter where they are in the home.

What are the Laws Concerning RCDs in Perth Homes?

RCDs need to be installed by a licensed electrician unless they are portable. It’s required for homes after 1991 to have at least two RCDs installed on the main switchboard, but homeowners may wish to have additional RCDS installed for their own safety and the safety of anyone who works on their home. For homes built before 1991, there must be at least two RCDs installed before the home will be rented or sold to another person. Failure to adhere to these laws can mean penalties of up to $15,000 for a homeowner.

Rules Regarding RCD Perth Safety Switch Installation

Residual Current Devices (RCD) monitor the flow of electricity and prevents electrocution by cutting off electricity if an imbalance is detected. Having at least two RCD Safety Switches installed means the property circuits are divided evenly. Because of the risk of faulty wiring, defect appliances, and possible circuit overloads, the law requires that at least two RCDs are installed in all buildings. That law applies to homeowners who sell their home, and landlords who rent living space. Rules also dictate that real estate agents advise clients of the law and that property managers inform building owners if an apartment is not within compliance. The penalties for non-compliance are very expensive.

Guidelines for Tenants and New Homes

If a tenant or new home buyer notices that a property does not have the required safety switches, or if a property manager finds a place without them, they are to request installation from the previous homeowner, or the landlord. If nothing is done, a written request for Safety Switches Installation is the next step. If nothing is done to rectify the situation at that point, a complaint must be lodged with the local government. Repairs, replacement, or original installation can only be completed by licensed electricians. Ask to see a license if unsure about qualifications.

RCD Testing Requirements

Switches should be tested every three months to make sure RCDs are working. The process is a simple one. First, plug in a lamp and turn it on. Turn off all other electronic equipment, such as televisions, radios, and computers. Push the test button on each RCD switch. This should turn the switch off. Check the lamp to see if it works. If it does work, the RCD switch is faulty and in need of repair or replacement. When finished with the test, turn the RCD back on and plug everything back in. Remember that electric clocks and timers will have to be reset after testing. Safety is important, so do not neglect to test these switches. Mark it on the calendar every three months, otherwise the only way to know if the switch is not working is to get an electrical shock or experience a house fire from overloaded wiring.

RCDs Keep Your Family Safe

Electrical safety is something every homeowner should be concerned about. RCDs can protect the homeowner, family members, and occupants from a variety of injuries caused by a faulty electrical wire or outlet. An RCD Installation Perth must be done by a licensed electrician to ensure it’s installed correctly and that it protects the home correctly. Contact us today for RCD Installation in your Perth Home.

Perth RCD FAQs

What Are Residual Current Devices or RCDs?

Though only about half of households and not all commercial buildings have these safety devices in their fuse boxes or switchboards, they should. Residual current devices are a safety device that prevents fire, damage or injury by cutting off the electric power in the event of a fault or stray currents. RCDs can be installed in modern fuse boxes or a plug-in version can be purchased for use with power tools.

Who Needs RCD Installation?

If any building has a switchboard or fuse box that does not have any RCD protection, it would be a good idea to have an electrical company update it, adding this protection. These devices can prevent electrical fires and other damage or injury. Circuit breakers and RCD safety switches are other names for them.

What Makes A Good Electrical Company?

The company should have well-trained, knowledgeable tradesmen who will come to the site well equipped with all the needed tools and knowledge to do the job properly. They should deliver services that meet the customer’s expectations and needs.

What Are The Electrical Services That Lion Electrical Offer?

Lion Electrical provides electrical services for lighting, hot water systems, power points, switchboards or fuse boxes, LED lights, rewiring or electrical system repair, installing RCD safety switches, and more. They will install smoke alarms, pool and spa circuits, data points, oven repairs or new oven wiring, and more. They will do both indoor and outdoor wiring of all kinds.