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If you are renovating or extending your Perth Home or Business you will need to install power points. At Lion Electrical WA we ensure a clean, professional installation of power points according to Australian Standards. With our experience we can advise the best location for power points to ensure convenience and safety for your Perth home or business.

Many older homes don’t have enough outlets for everything the owner may want to plug in. With the amount of modern technology that has been created in the last decade, many homeowners are struggling to ensure they can plug in everything safely and ensure it’s all going to work. It’s not safe to use many different extension plugs as this can overload the entire system. Instead, many homeowners are looking towards having additional outlets, or Electrical Power Points, installed in their home.

Installation by a Professional is a Must

Although there is a lot homeowners can do on their own to renovate the home, electricity is one thing no homeowner should attempt without the proper knowledge. Only professionals should work on the electricity on a home to ensure it’s done correctly and safely. Below are a few things any homeowner should think about before trying to do an installation on their own:

  • A person can be electrocuted while working on the electricity in a home and be seriously injured or killed.
  • If the installation isn’t done correctly, it can start a fire in the home and can destroy the home.
  • If the installation isn’t done correctly, the person could be electrocuted while plugging in an appliance and be injured or killed.

There are also the practical reasons to contact a professional instead of trying the DIY route. There won’t be any guarantee that after all the work is done the electrical outlets are going to work properly. There’s also no guarantee they’re going to pass an inspection for the remodel or before the person is selling the home. This might mean they have to pay someone to redo the work they’ve done to ensure it’s up to code and will pass an inspection.

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Where to Position the Power Points

Before hiring a professional to do the Electrical Powerpoint Installation, the homeowner may want to think about how many new outlets they need and where they want to have them installed. It’s a good idea to think about the future and what outlets may be needed in the long term to ensure the homeowner will have plenty of extra outlets. Outlets should never be installed close to water sources to prevent safety issues. If the water could possibly reach the outlet, the outlet should be moved to where the water cannot reach it. At least the general desired location should be figured out before a professional is called so the homeowner is ready to have everything installed.

Additional Safety Through Safety Switches

The homeowner may want to consider adding in additional safety switches in areas like the bathroom. These switches automatically cut the electrical flow if they determine the outlet is not working correctly or there is an issue with the wiring. This can help protect the homeowner, family and guests from electrical shocks if an outlet is compromised. Safety switches can be a basic mounted switch, a switch installed in place of a regular power point, or a portable switch that can be used inside or outside the home for added protection.

The idea of adding more power points can be exciting, especially if the person has trouble plugging in all of their appliances and products that need to be charged. Before hiring a professional for the installation, however, it’s important to think about where to position them and additional ways the homeowner can be sure they’re done safely. It’s always recommended a homeowner hires a professional to ensure they are installed correctly and safe to use.


Powerpoint Installation Perth – Safety Tips

Electricity is a powerful force in modern life, but it is easy to take for granted. It only takes the flick of a switch to fill a room with light, or the push of a button to bring a machine humming to life. It is easy to forget the importance of electrical safety. Powerpoints, or outlets, are often misused. The following tips will help you keep your home safe.

1. Make sure to replace electrical cords that are frayed or damaged. If possible, replace old plugs that have only two prongs with a three prong plug that will plug into the ground slot. The third grounding wire protects you from shock if a wire comes loose inside the metal casing of a machine.

2. Never try to repair or even touch a broken power point. This can be a major safety hazard. Instead, cover it and call an electrician to come and repair it for you.

3. Another reason for calling an electrician is if the power point feels hot or if there are frequent problems with dimming lights or blown fuses. Another bad sign is a crackling sound coming from the powerpoint. These symptoms could indicate that the circuit is overloaded, or that there is a loose wire or even touching wires. This is very dangerous because it could cause a house fire.

4. Install permanent or portable safety switches. These devices monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. If they detect a problem, they shut the circuit down immediately, which could prevent a fire.

5. Cover all powerpoints that are not in use if you have small children in the house. Little ones find them attractive, and they can’t resist trying to insert things like coins, keys, and hair pins.

6. Be careful not to overload a powerpoint. This is easy to do, especially in older homes that were not designed to meet modern electrical demands. Plug in only one cord per outlet receptacle and make sure that high wattage appliances have their own powerpoints. If you need to plug in more than you have room for, consider new Powerpoint Installation.

Make sure to find a qualified electrician if you need Powerpoint Installation Perth or repair.