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Understanding the Law Regarding Perth Kitchen Electrics

Homeowners in Australia are very limited in terms of what they can legally do with their plumbing and electrical systems. The laws are very clear in stating that most situations require a licensed professional be called in. A Perth Kitchen Electrician understands Kitchen Electrics and what they require. This is true not only for renovation projects, but for upgrades on existing items. The laws aren’t to penalize the homeowner. They are designed to ensure their safety. When does a homeowner need to call in a licensed electrician during a kitchen renovation or other home improvement project?

Legal Requirements

According to the current legal guidelines, any electrical wiring work must be completed by an individual who holds a current electrical license. This is true regardless of whether the work is being conducted in an industrial, commercial, or residential structure and regardless of the cost. This includes the construction, installation, maintenance, repair, alteration, manufacture, testing, removal or replacement of electrical equipment of any type. For this reason, any property owner is limited to doing nothing more than replacing a light bulb, for the most part. Individuals who undertake this type of work without the necessary license are subject to severe penalties or imprisonment if the work leads to a serious injury or death.

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Tasks Requiring A Licensed Electrician

Property owners wishing to install a new power point must contact an electrician. The same is true of the replacement of a light fitting with a ceiling fan or batten holder with new light fitting. Replacement light switches require an electrician be called in, and connecting an electric wall oven means a professional must be used. The homeowner is allowed to cut an opening for an air-conditioning unit in the kitchen or fitting the electric wall oven, but the electrician must complete the job and make the actual connection. The same is true for the installation of an exhaust fan. Kitchen renovations may involve a number of tasks. For this reason, it’s best to call an electrician to handle any tasks associated with electricity. Doing so ensures the property owner is covered in the event something goes wrong.

Why A Professional Is Needed

Surge protectors and circuit breakers can only do so much. They are designed to protect appliances in the home. Shoddy electrical work can be life threatening, thus Australia has put laws into place to protect lives. Although many individuals feel a licensed electrician is an unnecessary expense in many situations, safety always needs to be the top priority. A licensed electrician understands the standards set forth by the government and ensures all requirements are met.

Don’t get into trouble during a kitchen renovation project. Contact us today to obtain a quote on your project. If you attempt to do the work yourself and it is done incorrectly, you are risking your life and your property. Electrical problems can bring about a house fire, and these fires may not be due to new work that has been done. Often, they are the result of a circuit that is overloaded or insulation on existing electrical conductors that is deteriorating. An electrical inspector examines the wiring of the home and alerts the homeowner to any potential problems. Doing the work yourself is dangerous. Call us today so we can be of help. We’re more than happy to assist homeowners in your situation.