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Elizabeth Quay The Perth Led Light Design

The Elizabeth Quay in Perth, Western Australia is quickly gaining international recognition. The complex is composed of several buildings embracing an artificial body of water over which runs a gracefully curved bridge. There is a majestic fountain, surrounded by a series of exotic trees and walkways. It is a nearly perfect merger of the most sophisticated architectural minds and the beauty of carefully-tended nature. Opposing angles complement mountainous heights.


But what will be most remarkable about the Elizabeth Quay, once it is finished, will occur after the sun sets. This is the state-of-the-art lighting system. This multi-colored system of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), will spiral up the height of each tower, along the walkways, through the water of the fountains. In perhaps its most grand aspect, this veritable rainbow will light the Elizabeth Quay’s bridge.


LED Light Design for Your Perth Home

However, LED Light Design is not just a staple of the magnificent buildings of the future. LED Lighting for homes has not yet become universal, but when installed throughout the home, it is a much more stylish, versatile, and cost-efficient option. When comparing LEDs with the two other major competitors, incandescent light bulbs (incandescents) and the newer Compact Fluorescent Bulbs (CFLs), the overwhelming advantages of LEDs become clear. With only 6-8 watts of power, they provide twice as many lumens (measures of brightness) as its closest competitor. They also last far longer, as 50,000 watt hours, compared to 8,000 for CFLs and 1,200 for incandescents. The have far fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and are generally far brighter while being completely dimmable.


Led Lights create an Amazing feel in your Perth Home

The Advantages of LED Lights in the Home

LED Lighting Design has numerous advantages over other types. It can be recessed effectively while remaining bright. It can come in many interchangeable colors. It’s technology is far safer, meaning the chances of electrocution, short-outs, and fires are greatly reduced. They are effective for mood lighting, highlighting of areas or items such as pictures or bookshelves, and accenting the shape of walls and furniture. Perth LED Lighting is most often installed in strip lights slightly behind recessed areas, fully illuminating areas while completely eliminating glare.

Better Effects with LED Lights

A Lighting Design that employs LEDs has the advantage of illuminating while keeping the light source unobtrusive or completely hidden. Because of the high lumens per lower wattage LED bulb, they tend to a purer, whiter light (while bulbs that put out fewer lumens shift into the yellow or amber part of the visual spectrum). It can be used to accent are disperse light in a stylishly uneven way. Pools of light encourage people to move and circulate during parties. With the high lumens of LED strip lights, trim, linear troughs, and even surface opaque covers, LED lighting can be a fashionable part of your home architecture even when it isn’t turned on.

With the high efficiency, wide variety, small carbon footprint, and low long-term costs of LED lighting, your can have the lighting aesthetics you’ve always dreamed of. Just like the many hues and graceful curves and angles of the Elizabeth Quay, you too can have a beautiful home design maximized by lighting. For the installation and design of LED lights in your Perth home, contact Lion Electrical today or check out our light installation Perth page.


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