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A well lit Garden can provide great ambience and opportunity for entertaining guests. Here at Lion Electrical WA, we have helped many Perth homeowners create excellent outdoor ambience through Garden Lighting. Whether it’s lighting Garden Beds, Decking Lights, an Outdoor Patio Area or Pool Lighting, we can help.

Some Handy Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Having a garden is more than just choosing the perfect flowers and ensuring they’re arranged in the right way. It’s also about the pathways to walk through the garden and the lighting that makes it enjoyable and safe in the evening. It’s important to choose the right Garden Lighting in Perth for the home and ensure it’s installed by a professional. This way, the homeowner can have the garden they’ve been dreaming of and ensure they have a safe, beautiful garden they can walk through or relax in even after it gets dark.

Different Lights for Different Areas of the Garden

Different areas of the garden may inspire different types of lighting. Lower lights that showcase a pathway can be an important safety addition. Lights that illuminate a porch, but that don’t go far beyond the edge of the porch, can ensure guests can enjoy themselves on the porch and still be able to glance up and see the stars when they step off the porch. Lighting between floral arrangements can highlight particular arrangements that will look fantastic in the low light. Each of these ideas uses a completely different type of lighting, but combined they can ensure each part of the garden gets the exact amount of lighting it needs.

Choosing the Type of Lights

Start by thinking about how much lighting is needed and where the lighting fixtures can be placed. It’s important to use the lowest amount of light possible to ensure the light doesn’t interrupt the beauty of the garden and accents it instead. It’s also a good idea to think about how many lights will be needed in the area and where they will be placed to maximize their effect. Coach lights, for instance, can be placed on either side of a door to ensure the homeowner can see who is at the door and to ensure anyone who approaches will be able to safely walk to the door. LED lights might be the perfect addition to a pathway the homeowner wants to be able to navigate at night without too much bright light.

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Amazing service and advice from Lion Electrical. They installed lights to our garden beds and planter boxes. I am very happy with the advice given on specific lights as we saved alot of money, and got much better lights than the ones we were about to buy! Highly recomend these guys for all of your electrical needs.

John Quinn

Choosing the Positioning for the Lights

Once the lights have been chosen, it’s important to consider the actual positioning of the lights. Lights on pathways should be spaced so there are no dark spaces on the pathway, but they should also be positioned to ensure the light shines onto the pathway and not up at the person who is walking. Additional concerns for lighting include ensuring the lighting is not too bright and doesn’t directly shine into the home or a neighbor’s home. The exact positioning of the light can usually be adjusted slightly as long as it is placed carefully when it is installed.

Determining the Electricity for the Lights

When choosing lights, another important consideration is going to be how the lights work. Some lights are solar powered while most will need to be plugged in near the home. It’s important to use energy efficient lights whenever possible to reduce energy consumption. Homeowners may also consider using lights that turn on only when they detect a motion and go off after a specified period of time without motion. This way, the homeowner can be sure the lights will turn on when they’re needed and will turn off when they’re no longer needed without the homeowner having to do it manually.

These are just a few tips to consider when planning to add in Garden Lights in Perth. It’s important to start with a basic design and to be careful with the placement to ensure the light hits only where the homeowner wants it to. Anyone who needs help designing their garden or who wants to ensure the outdoor lighting perth is done correctly should contact a professional today for Garden Light Installation in Perth.