As summer begins, thoughts turn to the outdoors. Especially, our gardens. When the weather warms, the garden is like additional room. Hours are spent visiting with family, and friends, playing, dining, and just enjoying all that mother nature has to offer. The right Garden Lighting in Perth, can help homeowners get even more use out of their outdoor space. The right lighting can do a number of things. Mainly, lighting allows those who live in the house to get more use out of the outdoor area. When night falls, stay out and enjoy the space. Read on for what homeowners should know about Perth Garden Lighting.

Garden Lighting Etiquette

Garden Lighting Design in Perth must take into account those who live next to, in front of, and behind a home. The wrong lighting design can cause previously cordial neighbors to declare war. Be sure that lights are never set up to point to a neighbor’s yard. It’s especially important to avoid having beams of light shine into a neighbors windows. It’s also smart to avoid lights shining into one’s own windows as well.


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Focal Points

Highlight focal points. Focal points give the eye somewhere to rest. Without focal points, the design will very likely be lost. Eyes will dart from one section to another without really taking in the beauty. A focal point highlights the areas that you want to be noticed. This could be an especially beautiful tree, or a stunning piece of architecture on the house. Have several resting spots that sweep across the property.

Unified Garden Light Design

Unify the design of the lighting. A cohesive design always looks best. If the property doesn’t have a cohesive lighting design, it can appear jumbled, and messy. Rather than being relaxing, and beautiful, it can come across as franticĀ and incoherent. While focal points are important, they must be connected with other types of lighting. Lights up in the trees are pretty. Highlight areas in the background such as bushes and shrubs. The pathway is another area where lights are not only attractive, but also add a safety element to the property.


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Light Colour

Colour is an important consideration when it’s time to add lights to the garden. While color can have it’s place, warm white is the most natural and attractive option. When using colored lights, it’s important to consider how the lights will make the plant materials, and structure look. One exception is blue lighting. Use blue lighting opposite from where sitting areas will be. The reason for this is that blue lighting often attracts insects. Draw the insects away from where friends, and family gather. They’ll be sure to appreciate this thoughtfulness.

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As the time nears to light up the backyard, keep the above information in mind. Determine where the focal points should be. Consider different types of lighting, such as lighting from above, and path lights. Be considerate of neighbors. Finally, don’t go overboard with lighting. Keep it simple, and understated.