What is the Electrical Safety Act of 2002 and How Does It Affect Homeowners?

The Electrical Safety Act of 2002 is legislature that gives the government the authority to penalize any homeowner who performs unauthorized electrical projects. The legislation includes the installation, modification, or repair of any electrical fixture found in residential properties in the region. It covers all forms of electrical projects regardless of how small they are. This includes the replacement of electrical powerpoints and light installation as well as more complex projects.


What are the Penalties for Unauthorized Electrical Installations or Projects?

The penalty for any unauthorized electrical work in a residential property is a minimum of $40,000 for each individual found guilty of the offense. The minimum penalty for unauthorized electrical work conducted by a private citizen in which one individual was injured or died is $100,000. If a corporation employer or owner conducts the project, the maximum penalty is $500,000. The identified party within the corporation could also face up to two years in prison. If more than one individual is injured or dies, the penalty of residential property owners is $200,000 and $1,000,000 for commercial businesses. The accused also faces three years in prison for the offense.

Acquisition of Permits and Authority

All licensed electricians must acquire permits for any electrical project they conduct. They must also acquire permission from a local authority to perform these tasks. At the completion of the project, a building inspector must evaluate the electrical services to determine if they meet electrical safety standards. Any failure to comply with these regulations and standards could deem the property uninhabitable until the errors are corrected.

Kitchen Pendant Lighting

In Australia, it is illegal for any unlicensed or unauthorized individuals to perform electrical projects of any kind. This includes but isn’t limited to installations, replacement, testing, and modification of the electrical system. Any failure to comply with these regulations could result in hefty fines and possible imprisonment by local authorities. Homeowners who need electrical services should contact Lion Electrical today.



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