Pendant lights have been a popular lighting option for a number of years. The reason why so many homeowners are choosing this style of lighting fixture is because of its versatility, beauty, and how functional they are around the home. Choosing the right light, and the correct location for it, are important decisions that are easy to make once people know exactly why they need one. Let us help you find the best Electrical Pendants Perth can get. Hallway Feature Lighting

Tips for Choosing Pendant Lights

The type of light chosen will depend on its purpose. Perth Pendant Lighting is used as task lighting, to add an accent light to a room, or as a fashionable design option. If the purpose is for providing a spotlight to make tasks easier, homeowners need to choose one that will provide the correct amount of light directly where they will be working. Accent lights and those chosen purely for aesthetics are easier to find because people can buy whatever works well with their decor and then have the lights installed where they would like them.

Pendant Light with Exposed Beams

Types and Functions of Pendants

Large pendant lights with multiple bulbs are perfect for illuminating larger areas. These are good when used as the main lighting in a room. Smaller lights that are rated for higher wattage bulbs are usually used as task lights. When the light is only for decoration or to provide some ambiance, the homeowner can choose fixtures that have one pendant or multiple small pendants instead. Typically these lights will use lower wattage bulbs for a softer, more subdued look.

As for style options, a Pendant Lighting installation can be for a light with an industrial appearance, a modern look, or a retro or art deco design. The shape and material of the shade are the most influential feature in the final appearance of the light.

Additional Tips for Kitchen Pendants

One of the most common areas where Perth Electrical Pendants are used is in the kitchen. This room is often one of the busiest in the home, and the one that requires the best lighting options. A single light in the center of the room will rarely be sufficient for most of the work performed in a kitchen. Instead, one pendant, or multiple pendants, can be used to create the attractive and functional space that everyone wants. Pendants can be used over work spaces, sinks, or ranges to provide a spotlight for prep work, cooking, and cleaning. They are handy over dining areas and islands because they make the area bright for entertaining or reading the news while having breakfast.

Perth-LED-and-Pendant-LightingAnother idea is to use a pendant in a dark corner in the kitchen where other lighting sources would look out of place. This type of installation could make an area that was once not functional suddenly become the perfect place to display and spotlight fine china or a collection of antique kitchen tools. With the addition of a comfortable chair or a window bench, pendant lights can also turn that corner into a cozy reading nook or relaxing location for a cup of tea while waiting for a meal to finish cooking.

There are very few homes that would not benefit from the installation of at least one pendant light. If replacing an existing light, pendants are fast and easy for an electrician to install. Even if new lines need to be run to put the light in an area where there is none currently, it is still surprisingly affordable. Best of all, dated-looking pendants are easy to update by either swapping an old one for a new light or even by simply replacing the shade with something trendier. For help installing or selecting your electrical pendant in Perth, contact Lion Electrical today.